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Pirandai - Veld Grape

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1. This Pirandai is largely available in India and Sri Lanka. With its medicinal value, this is grown in dense forests known as ‘patrai forests’ where movement of people is rather limited.

2. Its essence is little pungent and hence if it gets in contact with our skin, we will have itching sensation.

3. Its stem and root parts are only useful for medicinal purpose. Though we have seen many varieties, the common one is found to be having four sides that belongs to the ordinary Pirandai variety.

4. Pirandai is very useful for stomach as well as heart. It will set right gastric disorder and protect the heart. Pirandai is of multifarious types such as ordinary pirandai, red pirandai, uruttu pirandai or ball-shaped pirandai, muppirandai, thattai pirandai or square pirandai, kalipirandai, theempirandai, puli pirandai and olai pirandai. Its botanical name is ‘Cissus quadrangularis’ and is also called ‘viggravalli’. It belongs to creeper variety.

Do you know?

  • The crushed paste form (thuvaiyal)of this pirandai is very useful in treating swelling due to injury, pain, catch etc. 

  • It will stimulate energy and give briskness

  • It will increase memory power; strengthen  the brain nerves

  • It will give strength to the bones

  • It will stop bleeding in the gum

  • Gastric related problems will be removed

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