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It’s laddoo bonanza time and the first one is with urad dhal. This is very easy to prepare and very few ingredients. Kids should eat one a day to have good skin tone and bone strength. If you like my recipes, please try, taste and enjoy!

Wheat laddoos are very healthy and can be taken by all age groups. It is good for digestion. Almonds, jaggery and Gond are added. They improve immunity, iron and Gond is useful for pregnant women as it is rich in calcium and protein.

This is the third laddoo in the Laddoo Bonanza. The main ingredient is Rawa. Rich in iron and boosts blood circulation. Do you know? Rawa is made of wheat by beating and grinding the husked wheat and is a traditional dish prepared for Diwali

A very simple festival recipe. Make it easily and this is rich in Vitamins and fibre.

Simple to prepare and buttery taste. Try, taste and enjoy!!!