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Sohel Chowdhury
Jul 28, 2022
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It seems like every day there is a new platform that marketers “should” focus on. And cell phone number list is one of the cell phone number list newer platforms to make it onto this list – for good reason. According to a Financial Times report , cell phone number list video traffic nearly tripled between June and November 2015. As of early 2016 , cell phone number list users were viewing a total of 7 billion videos per day. In fact, when it comes to monthly usage, it's already surpassed Twitter and Tumblr and is rapidly gaining on Instagram. And even though cell phone number list is growing rapidly, it's still far less competitive in terms of advertising than Facebook because only 1% of advertisers use cell phone number list for marketing . But the main reason cell phone number list is so effective right now is the context of the platform: cell phone number list allows brands to engage with their audiences in ways that other platforms don't. For example, businesses can use it to create purchasing urgency, as each cell phone number list-in has a limited lifespan before it expires permanently. Or you can display a more authentic side to your brand because you'll be shooting video on your phone without fancy production equipment. Most marketers reject emerging platforms altogether because they don't know how to track ROI, or because they assume no one in their target audience will ever start cell phone number list using them. But those who jump to a new platform at the start of the game are the ones who perform better. The chat function To chat with an individual cell phone number list user, you can swipe right on their name after viewing their story. Then you can send them a message that will disappear after reading it. You can also send messages to subscribers directly from the "chat" page, accessible by swiping right from the main screen after opening the application. Kraft also partnered with cell phone number list for a sponsored lenses campaign in which users were able to virtually grab macaroni into their mouths and score points for each catch. According to the case study , the goal reached nearly 20 million users with an average engagement time cell phone number list of 20 seconds.
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Sohel Chowdhury

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