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According to food scientist Steven Withley, our appetite fades after we eat too much food. A desert tricks our brain into wanting more. People crave for something extra even after a heavy meal, they expect a sugary dessert... Beet root Overloaded is going to be mouth-watering. Make it more flavourful with strawberry ice cream. Would you like to eat something delicious right now? Try this delicious desert.

This is a simple dish with very few ingredients. You can have this with dosa, idly, Poori, roti or just as a desert. This is made out of milk and coconut. A perfect dessert from Andhra Pradesh.

Prepare, taste and enjoy!! Kids will love it too...

Usually we bake the muffins in oven. I prepared frozen muffins with items that are easily available at home. With very few ingredients, you can prepare frozen muffins. You need not step out to get ice cream for your kids.

Special ice cream coaming soon for your kids....!