Mom's Magic Nuggets Recipe

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These Magic Nuggets are for your kids with my New Year wishes!!! This is my first recipe and wanted to share something which is simple to make your kids happy.

Usually, kids demand for junk food and parents try to divert them. Most parents spend time with their kids playing their favourite games and finally serve healthy food. Trust me, they will say ‘No’.

With all love and affection, prepare these Nuggets, they have veggies of nutritional value.

The ingredients are easily available and the preparation is pretty easy.

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Mom's Magic gifted us customised biscuit packet with our photo! Feeling excited!  

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Nuggets preparation

1. Grind Mom’s Magic biscuits into dry powder and keep aside


2. Grind cabbage, carrot and garlic into smooth paste without adding water. Keep it aside

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3. Take a bowl, add powdered biscuits, MTR Gulab Jamun powder, corn flour, saunf, green chilli sauce (if you don’t have this sauce, you can grind 2 green chillies along with vegetables), chilly powder and salt

4. Add oil and knead the mixture into tough dough

5. Sprinkle little more flour if you feel it is too soft

6. Grease your hand with little oil and prepare small nugget shaped balls and deep fry under medium flame

7. Finally, enjoy the nuggets with tangy tomato sauce


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Thank you & Happy New Year!!!


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